Marilyn Monroe Loved The Lesbians!


Marilyn Monroe has always been a gay icon, but did you know that the screen siren loved the gays right back?

A new book called Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret tells the story of Jane Lawrence–Marilyn’s fan club president at Fox–as written by author Tony Jerris.

According to the book, when Jane was 14, she told Marilyn that she’d met someone special.

Named Kimberly.

Marilyn didn’t flinch in the least, but replied, “I like that name. Sounds very girly. She’s lucky because you’re the best, kiddo.”

Marilyn added that she wanted to meet Kimberly, “to make sure she’s good enough for my Janie.”

“You think it’s OK if I like another girl?” wondered Janie, filled with uncertainty.

“Of course it’s OK,” assured Marilyn, taking her hand.

“When two people love each other, who cares what color or flavor or religion they are?

“It’s two human beings. It’s beautiful. Love is beautiful. It’s that simple.”

Marilyn was so blue state 2012!

Alas, Janie’s fears that Joe DiMaggio may have overheard the whole conversation seemed to be confirmed when Janie left and heard the married couple engaging in a heated argument.

Marilyn stood up for lesbian rights to Joltin’ Joe!

Love her more than ever.