Medical Marijuana: California City Bans Prescription Pot Shops


Some new developments worth noting in the world of weed policy: San Leandro, Calif., has banned medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities for a year, according to multiple media reports.

The San Leandro decision stems from disagreement between city council members, largely because of uncertainty about the intersection of state and federal regulations: Medical marijuana is legal in California, but federal law still considers the substance to be illegal.

While some council members are decidedly pro-pot, others want to wait to see whether how the U.S. Department of Justice’s recent crackdown on California cannabis ops will play out.

Also in California, the Los Angeles City Council is set to discuss a gentle ban on dispensaries this week, and Long Beach plans on reviewing the status of these establishments, in keeping with a movement toward prescription pot prohibition.

But it doesn’t look like this apparent blowback has spread nationally.

Though Durango, Colo., has just put medical marijuana dispensary licensing on hold for 60 days, according to The Associated Press, city council members cited sales tax reasons as well as regulatory concerns.

Overall, the city seems OK with prescription pot but needs time to make sure it’s collecting enough money.

City Attorney David Smith told the Durango Herald: “We’re not accusing anyone of anything, but there needs to be an audit.”

This comes just as Colorado’s moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries gets lifted July 1.