New Jersey Man Calls 9-1-1 Saying He’s The President; Asks To Speak To Tim Tebow


The phone number for New York Jets B-squad quarterback Tim Tebow is not 9-1-1 — a fact a New Jersey man learned the hard way over the weekend.

Jason Slater, 28, has been charged with creating false public alarms for allegedly calling 9-1-1 three times on June 10, but refusing to tell dispatchers what his emergency was.

After the three 9-1-1 calls, authorities say Slater called the local police headquarters and — claiming to be the president — asked to speak with Tim Tebow. Tebow, as you probably guessed, wasn’t there to field Slater’s call — because he’s a quarterback…not a cop.

Authorities sent police to the home of Slater’s mother, where the calls had originated, to make sure there wasn’t an actual emergency. They found Slater hiding in his mother’s closet under some pillows.

As first reported by the New Jersey Herald, Slater greeted the officers by cursing them out.

According to the Herald, when Slater was given the ticket for the creating false public alarms charges, he threw it on the ground in front of the Hopatcong Borough police station. When officers asked him to pick it up, he did — right before throwing it back on the ground in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts about a block away from the police station, which earned him an additional ticket for littering.

It’s unclear whether Slater suffers from any sort of mental illness —
Hopatcong police didn’t immediately respond to our request for comment.