The Gay Generational Divide Is Bigger Than Ever!


Happy Pride!

To celebrate it, I devoted this week’s column to an intergenerational conversation about how young gays don’t talk to older gays, but they certainly should–to learn about all the protesting, passion, and suffering that paved the way for today’s rights and representations.

I conversed with a 22-year-old dancer (Jason Wise, below) who informed me that, while I grew up with not much of anything positive gaywise, the yay-gay stuff he’s come of age into isn’t always something to throw confetti about.

In fact, it has a dark side:

*People using it to get attention;

*Haters resenting the progress and fighting back;

*And a general false air of safeness and complacence.

Our resulting dialogue is stimulating and eye opening, discarding a lot of assumptions you might have made about young-versus-old LGBTs and replacing them with fascinating facts.

And the most astounding thing of all is that you will still be proud.