Year of the Takeout Day 169: Fay Da Bakery


Tuna Bun from Fay Da Bakery (321 West 6th Avenue)

Could the tuna salad sandwich be improved?

Yes, but it’s not going to look like you’re used to: It’s going to be round and shaped like a sweet, floury bun.

It’s also going to be sold at a Chinese bakery chainlet rather than a traditional American diner or deli.

Enter Fay Da bakery’s $1.50 tuna bun: The filling features both rich creaminess and tinny fishiness — it’s the right mouthfeel and fattiness you would want from tuna salad but without being too mayo-laden.

At the same time, it’s quite garlicky, so the simple, no frills set-up — there are no tomato or onion slices here, just a plain and starchy nest — comes out bold and not boring.