Beginning and ending with the sound of fireworks cracking, Japandroids’ Celebration Rock explodes with summertime energy, memorializing the past for a generation of all-ages-indie-rockers-turned-creative-professionals and the present for a generation of kids who swear they’ll never do the same. “Younger Us,” a sweaty anthem about not sleeping till you’re dead and “that night”—as if there had only been one—“you were already in bed” but got up to drink instead, is the key track here. But all eight, from the uplifting “The House That Heaven Built” to Gun Club cover “For the Love of Ivy,” hit the mark, sounding great through headphones, better at a late-night dance party, and best of all when pressed against other bodies at one of their live shows. With Cadence Weapon.

Wed., June 27, 9 p.m., 2012