I Answer My Twitter Followers! This Is Fun!


One of the great things about twitter is that after you’ve googled and bing-ed yourself, it gives you one more venue to find mentions of your name.

As someone who believes there’s no such thing as bad press, I was thrilled to click on “Interactions” just moments ago and find the following tweets that mentioned me:

“Spotted Michael Musto (@Bergdorf Goodman w/ 3 others)”

Yikes. I was actually alone. Do I look that fat?

“There’s like 50 Michael Musto doppelgangers at this Jesus and Mary Chain show.”

Well, 50 wannabes still can’t take the place of the real thing–and sorry, I won’t do anything with Jesus in the title.

“Second time seeing Michael Musto at a Bway show! What is this?”

Um, it’s called my job.

“There’s a delightful young woman in my bar right now that looks like the 24-year-old lesbian version of @mikeymusto”

Holy shit. Tell her to hurry up and get over to the Jesus and Mary Chain concert.

“I loved your reviews in Us magazine before it was Us Weekly.”

Oh, my dear blessed lord. How f**ing old are you?????

“I have no say, but if they really wish 2 do a film about Liz Taylor, I’d rather have Michael Musto play her than that 2-bit loser Lohan!”

This one I actually answered: “I’m available!”

And this nasty one was the flip side of that coin:

“Why didn’t @mikeymusto ever play Allen Ginsberg? He’s the right level of ugly-as-fuck.”

To which I seriously replied:

“Because they’re looking for someone who rims his mother. Unfortunately you’re not famous enough.”