Medical Marijuana: Cannabis Comes to Connecticut!


No, New York won’t have more relaxed reefer laws anytime soon.

And no, prescription pot doesn’t look all that safe in California.

But, some states, such as Connecticut, are going forward with medical marijuana reforms and embracing the business ops that come with them.

The Associated Press reports that potpreneurs from local lawyers to Arizona-based dispensary designers are gearing up for the bourgeoning industry, which is expected to boom.

Erik Williams, who heads up the Connecticut chapter of NORML, told reporters that the new law, effective Oct. 1, is already creating demand in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana industries as well as businesses that sell indoor growing gear.

And lawyers who work extensively with marijuana criminal cases said they plan on expanding their business.

Economists have long pointed out the relationship between looser marijuana laws and fiscal health: legalization, many estimate, could save the U.S. $13.7 billion annually. And many in California worry that federally backed crackdowns on cannabis will hurt some cities’ already sagging economies.