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There Are Two Kinds Of Liars! Which One Is Worse?


I detest any kind of mendacity–except for an occasional white lie–but some untruth-tellers are way worse than others.

Here are your two basic types:

*The ones who really believe the shit they’re telling you.

You know, “My grandmother was the Duke of Windsor’s real mistress….As a child, I was world-famous for having seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary…Meryl Streep just tweeted, but I’m way too busy to answer…”

They recite all this fiction so blithely because they have actually convinced themselves through force of repetition that it’s true, and are merely parroting what they crazily think happened.

*Then there are the plain old liars who simply make stuff up and know it’s false. It’s the only way they feel comfortable communicating.

You know, “My grandmother was, um, let me see…she was really famous because she was–let me think–the Duke of Windsor’s real mistress. Um yeah, that’s it! Gotta go! Meryl’s calling!”

These petty b.s.-ers spin their tales as they go along, making sure there’s no truth in any of it or they might explode.

I actually feel sorry for the former type because they’re mentally ill and should probably be locked up in a home.

But the latter types are just plain shady and should be despised, ignored, and told to shut up at all cost.

And that’s the truth!


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