Year of the Takeout Day 171: ACID-Flavored Jellyfish Head


Acid Sweet Taste Jellyfish Head from Chinatown Supermarket

OK, so we promise that we’re going to stop parading around these pre-packed finds at some point, but this one is just too wonderfully weird-looking to pass up.

In addition to jellyfish, this item features a pack each of sweet chili paste; rice vinegar; and a sort of peppery garlic salt. The packaging instructs that you drain the broth around the cartilaginous curls and mix in the sauces before serving.

We did that, and we have to say: This really is pretty good. No, it isn’t on par with the fresh version at Lucky Plaza, but it’s more than “decent for un-refrigerated seafood.” Quality-wise, it can easily compare to mid-level canned tuna or sardines.