Channing Tatum Is In Marilyn Monroe Drag In New Movie


Watch out, James Franco.

Another Hollywood hunk has donned Marilyn Monroe drag, and this one felt comfortable in it.

It’s for a “goof-off scene” in Magic Mike, based on Tatum’s real-life stripping adventures.

The actor dresses like Marilyn and tries to charm the sister of his new stripping protege (played by Alex Pettyfer).

And Tatum says this was nothing new for him; he did Marilyn drag in real life once too, in order to goof on somebody.

He bum-rushed his friend’s table at Denny’s to help the guy celebrate his birthday. The friend was mortified.

But Tatum laughingly adds that humping Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street was an even gayer experience.

OK, Tatum, I’ve got a proposition for you.

I’ll do Marilyn. You do the humping.