Do You Want To Smell Like NYC?


Then I’d suggest you don’t get something called “The Scent of Departure, NYC.”

Here’s the official description:

“A lovely sunny day in the Big Apple City.

“The air is filled with the scents of lilac and rose from the vast and majestic Central Park.

“You are walking along Times Square under the mild and fresh breeze from New York harbor.

“Enjoy this modern, crisp, and invigorating fragrance with sparkling and sourish notes of apple.”

There are several reasons why I suspect the person who wrote that has never been to New York.

*”Big Apple City”?

*Does any serious adult really think NYC smells like lilacs and roses?

*Or that Times Square is filled with fresh waftings coming in from the harbor?

Maybe this is a colossal joke and I’ve just fallen for it.

But if it’s serious, I have to say this whole thing really smells.