How To Be A Gay Dad! This Video Shows You!


The Unitard Comedy Group has decided that being a gay dad is “h-o-t HOT,” so they’ve done a really helpful comic clip in which they play gays seeking embryos.

David Ilku and Mike Albo are a couple who manage to whip up a sort of fruit smoothie out of their combined sperm.

“I’ve taken a lot of steroids over the years,” admits one of them, “so my sperm had to be revived with a taser.”

The other one had his own issue because…no, watch the video and see. You’ll gag.

Along comes an old high school friend played by Nora Burns, who spruces up her “withered eggs” and provides the incubating service as a favor.

She ends up pregnant with more fetuses than Octomom, so Ilku says, “I scooped up the ugliest embryos and drowned them in a bucket.”

What a beautiful story, just in time for Gay Pride weekend.