I Just Realized The Best Use For Instagram (Though It’s A Little Macabre)!


Remember how in the old days, whenever you (not me–you) hooked up with someone from a hot line, you’d leave your friend a message saying, “His name is supposedly Jerry and he lives at 924 W. 12th Street and he says he has big dogs. If you don’t hear from me for three days, call the police”?

And of course nowadays the Grindr/Craiglist people can do the same thing:

“I’m going to someone’s house who’s sculpted, tall, gorgeous, and 21.”

Followed by the inevitable: “Um, wait a minute. He’s actually 55-year-old, 360 pounds, and has one hair in a circle. Call the police if etc., etc.”

Well, those days are over.

Now there’s Instagram–the photo answer to Twitter!

And it provides a potentially crime-busting service.

Whenever you meet someone you’re about to do it with, simply sneak a quick photo of them and throw it up (as it were) on Instagram, with the caption “My newest friend.”

This is your way of telling the world that if you’re next found running through the street screaming that your nipples have been cut off by gardening shears, that’s the man or woman who done it!

It’s basically a Wanted poster hung up in the giant web post office of life.

Great idea, no?