Medical Marijuana: New Hampshire Gov Says ‘No’ To Prescription Pot


Friday brings us some more weed news from the Northeast.

Though Connecticut potpreneurs are readying themselves for a medical marijuana-prompted business boom, it doesn’t look like that will be the case in New Hampshire quite yet.

Citing patient “risks” and calling cannabis a “serious drug,” Gov. John Lynch on Thursday vetoed a medical marijuana measure, according to media reports.

Supporters in the state’s House and Senate, however, will try to override the governor’s move next week, though it’s unclear whether enough senate votes can be gathered.

Lynch, a Democrat, argued that the legislation — which would let minors use prescription pot — could: “downplay the perceived risk of use of this drug and will lead to increased adolescent use in New Hampshire.”

Maybe Lynch should check out this study — since it seems to show a non-existent or even negative relationship between legal medical marijuana and teen drug use.