YouTube Treasure: Eurodisco At Its Absolute Zaniest


Baccara is not a brand of unfinished crystal.

It was a Spanish female pop/disco duo who looked like Little Nell meets Pinky Tuscadero, and whose sound came off like half of ABBA–or maybe like all of Pink Lady–but with a lot more teeth and legs.

They’re dressed here in skimpy pink beaded usherette costumes complete with naughty gold pumps, indulging in wacky choreography as they emit their girly vocals on some highly contagious nonsense syllables.

This clip (for their song “Venus”) proves the title of their biggest hit, “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”.

They sure can–but they should probably have been on ice.

And it’s quite possible they are, as they stomp, flail, and whinny around an Arctic looking sound stage.

Enjoy this batty exercise in synchronized inanity, but first a disclaimer:

You must check your mind at the door before watching it or it will surely rot along with your eyes and teeth.

In a good way.

Na na na na na na na na na…..