Columbia Killer of 3 Suspect Arrested This Morning


On the evening of June 7th, three men – Luis Catalan, 25; Heriberto Suazo, 26; and Amaury Rodriguez, 30 – were found dead inside a stolen $88,000 BMW on 122nd Street and Claremont Avenue, just on the outskirts of the Columbia University campus.

No gun shots were ever heard and a Columbia class held nearby told authorities that students heard nothing from the scene.

According to DNA Info, police officials said the car had been there for an hour or so and was likely to be a drug-related homicide. Catalan, Suazo and Rodriguez all had criminal records in which drugs and robbery were involved and the three had a reputation for being marijuana traffickers.

It seems as if this deal was their last.

Since then, nothing had developed of who had killed the three. But, this morning, that all changed.

At 8:15am in the Bronx, the NYPD arrested murder suspect Roberto Nunez outside of his brother’s home near Yankee Stadium. The evidence for the arrest came in a gun and DNA obtained from the suspect’s shirt found close to the scene of the crime. Detectives say both match that of Nunez and charges are now pending against the suspect.

In a survellience video obtained by the Post, Nunez is seen walking away from the killings while speaking on his cellphone. It is in this tape that Nunez is seen throwing away his shirt, which cops later found and used against him. Sweet justice.

In addition to having already done time for felonies in the past, the suspect has been jumping around from house to house in the Bronx to hide from authorities. A friend of his noticed he had been hiding a gun and, after the discovery, sold an undercover cop his .38-caliber pistol. The work that was done to find the suspect was praised by NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly:

“Detectives assigned to this case did a masterful work, relentlessly working it to apprehend a suspect who initially appeared so calm, collected and out of reach.”

Case closed.