3 Good Things: Meat Meat Meat


1 Cookbook author and founder of Barbecue University, Steven Raichlen, has published his first novel, Island Apart. It has been described as “The Bridges of Madison County with better food.” [Indie Bound]

2 Tom Mylan, Meat Hook butcher and myth-buster, reminds us that not all steaks are best served rare, and that “to get more complex flavor out of your meat, you really do have to cook it.” [Gilt Taste]

3 NPR is reporting on meat consumption in America, including a story that examines the Paleo diet, that trendy new/old diet that’s heavy on animal fat, meat, and vegetables. The Time Traveler’s Cookbook is a tongue-in-cheek cheek recipe collection they put together, with notes on archeological digs and historical texts. [NPR]