Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses NY Councilman Charles Barron for Congress


In a somewhat strange turn of events, the former leader (that’s “Grand Wizard” to you) of the Ku Klux Klan has deemed it fitting to endorse New York’s City Councilman Charles Barron in his race for a national Congressional seat.

In the endorsement video (if you can manage to get through all 8.5 minutes of it, which I do not recommend for the sake of your mental health), Duke points out that while he does disagree with Barron on a number of issues (such as Barron’s support of affirmative action, and oh, I don’t know, the fact that he is African-American), the Zionist conspiracy facing the United States is of such great importance to Duke that he’s willing to overlook these trivial issues and throw his support to Barron.

He calls Barron’s opponent in the race, Hakeem Jeffries, a “complete zionist sellout, both to the black people, and all the people of America” (because it totally makes sense for a former member of the KKK to judge who’s selling out African-Americans), and takes the time to set up a grand conspiracy theory unlike any we’ve seen before. Apparently, Jews in Hollywood (or the “Zio-media,” since Duke is really fond of sticking “zio” in front of any word to make it sound scarier) are conspiring to use movies and media to ensure that “Blacks” and “European-Americans” constantly fight over race. Then they can take over the world. Or something. We’re a bit fuzzy on the logic, to be honest.

Barron has declined to discuss the endorsement in the media, calling instead for “respect” for his campaign. The controversial candidate has a long history of making anti-Israel comments, at one point comparing the Israeli government to Nazis. He also criticized the Jewish community in Crown Heights after race riots enflamed the neighborhood in the early 90s.

Barron and Jeffries are currently locked in close competition for the Democratic nomination for the House of Representatives.