Happy Pride! Here Are Some Gay Things for You to Read


In case the gigantic rainbow flags and scantily-clad men did not already tip you off, it’s Pride weekend in New York City. Happy Pride! I’m stuck inside blogging so I can’t go to the parade, but there are some great Pride-related things on the internet that you should definitely read and/or watch once you’re back inside the comfort of your own home, slightly sunburned and covered in glitter.

Here is a great video about Vogue, the dance style popularized by Madonna that had its beginnings in underground gay clubs in New York. This accompanying article from DNAinfo has more background.

While not technically connected to Pride, Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade was yesterday, and some of the photos are about as gay as you can get.

Robert Ziegler of the West Village Coalition thinks that Christopher Street should receive landmark status for its historical significance and proximity to the Stonewall Inn.

Here are some photos of 50 adorable lesbian couples getting married (sorry I’m not sorry).

Same sex marriage was legalized in New York one year ago today. Here’s a slide show of the celebrations.

And of course, our own Steven Thrasher’s excellent article on free speech in the gay movement.