In the Future, All Our Apartments Will Have Magical Folding Furniture


When I first started apartment hunting in New York, a dear friend warned me that it wasn’t possible to find a place in Manhattan with cheap rent, decent closet space, and privacy. (He was right. I moved to Brooklyn.)

Everyone who lives in this city has had a similar experience, and many of them have settled for paying exorbitant rents on studio apartments in the East Village. But! One man in SoHo has figured out how to solve the space conundrum with magical folding furniture (see the link for a video). Manhattanites, rejoice, for in the future, your single-room apartments will be able to transform into ten (twenty? thirty?) different setups, including a fancy dining room!

Though the setup does beg the question of what he does about going to sleep on late weekend nights (would YOU trust your drunk self to build furniture before going to bed? I didn’t think so), it does seem to effectively eliminate the problem of having guests stay with you in the city.

And you, too, can have a futuristic transforming apartment with foldable, Italian-designed furniture – if you’re willing to pay $300,000 for it.

Personally, I’m going to stick to the slightly-more-more modest goal of one day living in an apartment that does not have water stains in the kitchen ceiling. Hey, we can all dream, can’t we?