Year of the Takeout Day 174: Shrimp Jerky!



Shrimp and Spicy Beef Jerky from Ling Kee Beef Jerky (42 Canal Street)

We like meat in its many marvelous forms, and jerky is certainly no exception to this rule.

Yes, Ling Kee Beef technically bills itself as Malaysian jerky.

But we are writing up the shop because: a. it’s in Chinatown; b. change is good, or something; c. we didn’t feel like writing about our Cantonese-American takeout; d. goddamn, is that dried meat good!

The shrimp variety tastes sweetly barbecued, with just a hint of smokiness. Each slice feels chewy and moist — toothsome without being stringy, like with some jerkies.

The spicy beef, on the other hand, comes packed with black pepper and has a soy sauce vibe. The sample, though simple, is executed extremely well in taste and texture.

These two slices cost 4 bucks, as the store sells its product by the pound.