Dieterle and Nosenzo Court the Nabe; Claim Not To Be Hip


In a letter dated June 20th, signed by Harold Dieterle (chef of Perilla and Kin Shop) and his business partner Alicia Nosenzo, and posted in the West Village, the pair solicit the support of the neighborhood in opening their new restaurant at 99 Bank Street. The space was most recently a last evocation of the Paris Commune.

The letter alludes to complaints the neighborhood had about the previous tenant, though probably referring to the failure of Stephen Starr to gain the community board’s approval to operate in the space, as detailed by Eater. Scott Conant was also said to have been nosing around the premises.

To assuage the locals, they note, “We do not operate ‘hip’restaurants. We have never had limos parked in front, or crowds outside our restaurants.” The letter then describes the two restaurants the pair already own, and offers, “We are both present in the restaurants, and available to solve any problems that arise. We spend our days roaming between the 2 restaurants. Harold lives very close by.”

Finally, a contact email is given, and the offer to any skeptical neighborhood types that they talk with the owners, “so we can address any concerns.”

Good strategy, and more start-up restaurants might do similar.