Josh Olson Will Read Your Effing Script — For a Price


One of our all-time most read blog posts ever is screenwriter Josh Olson’s delicious rant, “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script.”

The piece has been so popular over the last three years, at this point Josh is probably better known as the “Fucking Script” guy than for being nominated for an Oscar for writing the script for A History of Violence.

Well, that’s how it goes. Anyway, when he’s not refraining from reading your script, Olson also likes to hang out at director Joe Dante’s website “Trailers From Hell,” where Dante, Olson and other filmmakers do commentaries while showing trailers from classic films. (Here’s one by screenwriter Larry Karaszewski on Coppola’s One From The Heart. And here’s director John Badham talking about his own film, Blue Thunder.)

With 750 commentaries under their belts, Dante and his crew want to increase the website’s visibility with a promotional campaign, and to pay for it they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign.

And you may be surprised to hear what Trailers From Hell is dangling as a prize to anyone who donates $5,000 or more…

If you read the headline, I guess you already figured it out.

Donate five grand, and Josh Olson will read your fucking script!

He might even like it. But probably not as much as he liked The Conversation