Red-Hot Violinist Reveals His Obsessive Relationship


Charlie Siem is a 25-year-old virtuoso violinist in a good looking package, so everyone wants to know who he’s dating.

Easy: His instrument!

“She is an intense mistress,” Siem tells CBS Watch magazine’s Wickham Boyle.

“My life is consumed by playing the violin. It requires unending attention from me, and I so happily give it.

“Day in and day out, for now it is the most rewarding relationship in my life.”

I’m so jealous!

Maybe I should have kept my old viola from high school!

By the way, Siem–who starred in a campaign for the British fashion house Dunhill–doesn’t only care for his 1735 Guarneri del Gesu d’Eguille violin, but also for the case it comes in.

In fact, he keeps a photograph of the eyes of a tiger inside the case, explaining, “They are a metaphor for me as a performer dealing with pressure.

“Just see the eyes of the tiger. Go to the edge of risk. When you feel at your most challenged is when you will do your very best.”

I personally needed no such reminder.

Every time I picked up that viola, it was already the absolute height of risk!

PS: Charlie played at the magazine’s event at Carlyle’s Royal Suite on Saturday (bottom photo), serenading guests like The Good Wife‘s Matt Czuchry and Blue Blood‘s Sami Gayle.

He’ll be fiddling at Poisson Rouge tonight. The swooning throngs are already calling the gig, “Fiddler on the Woof!”