Sriracha Ice Cream Shake: With Booze!


Last week, Fork in the Road posted a one off photo of the Sriracha hot sauce-based ice cream shake from GO Burger, “The Fiery Berry Crumble.” We couldn’t help but notice that the photo got a bunch of traffic, spreading all over social media as it garnered over a thousand shares on Facebook. The special was only temporary, though, and ended yesterday. Total bummer that you missed it, right? Wrong!

In a moment which birthed out of being too lazy to go all the way to the Upper East Side, my 90 degree apartment, and an inherent desire to add booze to everything I can, my roommate and I whipped up our own version of the spicy concoction, with a little bit of that special sauce. The recipe follows.

3 (generous) Scoops Strawberry Ice Cream
Splash of Milk
4 Circles of Srirachi Hot Sauce
½ Cup Graham Cracker Cereal from Three Sisters
Dash of Cajun Pepper
1 Shot Vodka

Blend slow

Admittedly, the shake tastes a little better to me without the booze, as I’m a fan of thicker ice cream drinks and the alcohol thins this one out a little bit. But bottom line, it has such a distinct flavor, somehow cooling you off as your insides flame up, that you should do yourself a favor and try it yourself. Come on, Internet, it’s Sriracha!