Synthetic Weed Stoner Brutally Attacks Elderly Couple, Cops Claim


And you thought bath salts were the only designer drug making people go batshit

A Costa Mesa, Calif. man, high on synthetic marijuana, was “speaking gibberish and hanging out in front of a married couple’s apartment in the 600 block of Baker Street when he allegedly stole the 70-year-old man’s sunglasses,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Then, the 23-year-old suspect, Mattew See, allegedly pushed the man down, forcing his way into the apartment he shares with his 69-year-old wife.

The alleged perp is said to have assaulted the woman and “forbade them from calling 911,” cops told reporters.

The couple called the police when he left.

See was arrested Saturday shortly after the incident.

He’s being held on charges of “robbery, burglary, attempted sexual assault, false imprisonment, and public intoxication,” the Times notes.

This weekend’s news comes shortly after reports have surfaced indicating law enforcement authorities’ difficulties in enforcing synthetic marijuana bans, since developers have historically altered chemical formulas to beat the legal definitions of illicit substances.