There’s A Chance The Confused Naked Guy Wandering Around New Jersey Wasn’t On Drugs


In our experience, the first question that needs to be asked whenever there’s a story about a naked guy wandering around in public is “so…what drugs was he on?”

That said, there’s an outside chance that a guy found wandering around the woods in New Jersey over the weekend was sober as a judge.
The naked wanderer has been identified as 36-year-old Russell Cox — but that was only after he was unable to tell police who he was, or what he was doing wandering around the woods sans-clothing, and family members had to identify him to police.

Cox — who is from Ocean Township — was found naked in the woods behind a synagogue in Mahwah on Sunday afternoon. According to police, he appeared confused and didn’t know how he got there.

Ocean Township, mind you, is roughly 70 miles from Mahwah.

Last night, police asked the public’s assistance in identifying the naked mystery man, which is when they got a tip that he might be Cox. Authorities were later able to confirm that Cox was their man.

Cox doesn’t face any charges — Mahwah Police Chief James Batelli told reporters this morning that his family was able to “offer some insight into the actions of Mr. Cox which will be addressed by his family.”

We contacted the Mahwah Police Department to find out if any of that “insight” indicated that Cox was on drugs. We were told “it’s been a busy day,” and someone would get in touch with us. We haven’t heard back.

Regardless, it appears that drugs are not to blame for a “naked guy in public” story…for once.