Bath Salts: Canadians Are Confused by The Designer Drug’s Name, Too


It’s good to see we’re not the only ones who have been confusing bath salts with bath salts.

Indeed, as the designer drug — “like PCP on crack,” “it felt so evil,” etc… — makes its way to our northern neighbors, Canadian beauty retailers tell reporters that they don’t get why kids would want to get high on Epsom salts.

And then comes their moment of realization.

As detailed recently by the Toronto Star:

“When a teenage boy came into Andrea Brockie’s salt shop recently looking to buy bath salts, she assumed he was acting shy because he was shopping for spa products.

After she showed him her selection of Epsom and Dead Sea salts, he told her he wasn’t looking for salts to put in his bath.”

Said Brockie: “He very shyly said, ‘No, not those kind of bath salts. The kind that can get you high'” and then then told her that “he wanted to sell the drug to his friends.”

Apparently, this has also caused confusion at the border.

One company called Aquatech sells items such as bubble bath and bath salts to Americans. But with recent bath salts busts, confusion has ensued.

Explains the paper: “Truckloads of the company’s products have been stalled at the border after investigators spotted boxes labeled as bath salts.”

One of the company’s owner told reporters: “‘”They would stop the whole thing until they investigate and they open the box that has the bath salts and see that they’re actually Epsom salts.”

To clarify, bathing bath salts are not suspected in a recent California incident in which a man, thought to be high on bath salts, reportedly attacked a woman with a shovel.