Best Invite Of The Month: One-Legged Bowling With TV Star!


And I only missed it because I had an even better invite that night, to see Liza get a special honor from Chita.

But here’s the email, which I just relocated in my files, and which sounds like a winner:

“Seriously, what can be more gossip-worthy than a fabulously wealthy, beautiful, social diva mom from New York City that rocks one leg and a bowling ball?

“Please let me know if you would like to write about tonight’s Premiere Party hosted by Aviva Drescher.

“Aviva Drescher, philanthropist and newest addition to the cast of reality hit series Real Housewives of NYC on Bravo will be hosting a star-studded event at Frames this evening.

“As a result of an accident on her friend’s farm as a young child, Ms. Drescher was left with one leg, and wears a prosthetic. She will be bowling and attending the premiere at Frames Bowling Lounge to benefit One Step Ahead, from 8-11pm.

“Various celebrities will be in attendance, including Aviva’s husband, Reid Drescher, who is GP at Cape One Financial, and their friends and family.”

I love people who’ve survived hardships, I love bowling, and I love people who’ve survived hardships doing bowling.

But Liza does so much more.

PS: I was on Real Housewives last night!