Musicians In Subway Trains Can’t Ask You For Money


I didn’t realize this until I was on a subway the other day, nobly trying to reconnect with the hoi polloi to get some humility back, when the conductor made this announcement:

“Soliciting of any kind is illegal, especially lousy singing.

“Please don’t give them anything.

“If you feel like helping, you can locate the organization of your choice and give respects.”

I was really surprised by this–especially considering his unprofessional little joke–but my response was immediate and twofold:

*How terribly nasty, when these poor folk are merely resorting to desperate measures in an attempt to eke out a few bucks to put food on the table.


*Yay! Please make those horrible, screechy musicians go away! I’m so happy this isn’t legal!

Mind you, I’m all for music–and also for begging–but to descend on a captive audience that’s innocently trying to sit there, read a book, and quietly get to one’s destination seems a bit out of line.

Especially when it’s “lousy singing.”

Am I the grinch?