Oat Meals Slated To Open in the Village


Almost here today. . . . Gone tomorrow?

The walk-up western storefront at 120 West 3rd is one of the city’s most hapless restaurant spaces. You could make a game of how many recent occupants can be unearthed on Google. The place is accessed, not by a door directly into the premises, but by an entrance that opens off the tenement hallway. It’s a small and ungainly space.

Previously, there was an establishment that served strange round Philly cheese steak sandwiches with red pepper paste; then a branch of the Hell’s Kitchen Brazilian café Rice ‘N Beans; after that, a place that peddled tiny cupcakes. In there somewhere was a café called Gofra Bite–not sure exactly what it served–and I vaguely remember a short-lived Belgian place, too. And there have been more.

Well, imagine my surprise walking by and discovering people at work on the space again, and neatly stenciled in the window, the new name in gilt: Oat Meals. Well, I thought, if we have places specializing in rice pudding and peanut butter sandwiches, why not oatmeal? It’s a cheap foodstuff, and you can use it as a blank Scottish-leaning slate for all sorts of toppings, of which you may be certain Nutella is going to be one.

No Web footprint, yet, other than this teaser. I can see why the new proprietors want to keep it on the QT. But here’s one question: Why open a place like that in the heat of the summer when nobody thinks of eating oatmeal? The best of luck to them, and we’ll be there when it opens to check it out.

Oat Meals
120 West 3rd Street