Q&A: Timmy Vulgar Of Timmy’s Organism On Raw Sewage, Hanging Out At Cemeteries, And His Last Foray Into Cooking


Since setting the scuzz-punk gutter ablaze at the dead end of the 1990s with the increasingly influential (and downright killer) crew the Clone Defects, Timmy Vulgar has continued to solder together the oft-disparate worlds of garagey Pabst-punk and Drano-gargling noise-core into severe mind-fucking like Human Eye or the only slightly scaled-back p-rock of Timmy’s Organism. That side project has coalesced into a touring power trio, releasing mucho singles and, this week, their second LP Raw Sewage Roq! (In the Red).

Best Timmy Vulgar tour story involving raw sewage.

When Human Eye was in Kansas once, I noticed I had super bright green poo, after eating Christmas-colored nachos. You know, those horrible green food coloring died corn chips? I was so amazed by such vibrant feces, I had to take a photo. And I left it in the hotel toilet as a surprise for Brad Hales (bassist for Human Eye). He was so surprised that he threw up. Johnny LZR (Human Eye synth player) had the same nachos, and I think it affected him the same way.

“Monster Walk” is a song on the new album. When was the last time you walked through a cemetery? And what did you see?

When I was 17, 18 years old, me and my punk buddies would drink 40s and get wasted in the graveyard, sometimes take acid and trip out and read gravestones. It’s been a while. I didn’t remember seeing any zombies, but I have heard Bigfoots have been seen in graveyards there.

What’s the inspiration for the unusually straightforward song title on the new album, “Bouncing Boobies”?

Big boobs! When the song was written at band practice, Jeff Giant said, “Man, the girls will love that one! Bouncin’ their big boobies in front of the stage!” And I said that’s what we’ll call it—”Bouncin Boobies”! Ha ha!

Timmy’s Organism has been busy of late, but Human Eye has been doing some recording too, no? So, who’s winning the race?

No race. I just have to keep writing and recording. It’s the only way I stay somewhat sane. Human Eye is almost done mixing nine new jams for a new album.

Your crazed collage art is always a mindfuck to explore. Do you remember the first time you concocted an art piece in that vein?

Good question. I can’t really remember. I guess when I first started making punk show flyers. So maybe around 1995? But the color stuff I’d say around 2000? Clone Defects’ first and second albums and the first Human Eye album were early color ones.

When did you start developing your famed cooking skills? And what’s the last meal you made?

I started cooking when I was about 21. I would watch the food channel and get inspired. I got a lot of early tips from [Piranhas and Epileptix guitarist] Nai Sammon, making breakfasts and ribs and meat and potatoes—kind of grandma stuff. And I got tips early on watching Emeril Lugasse. Last meal I made? Well, I marinated a one pound t-bone steak in olive oil, soy sauce, chili powder, adobo sauce, a dash of ketchup, and a dash of coffee grounds. Then I cooked it on my BBQ with coals going suuper hot. A side of grilled asparagus with olive oil and salt and pepper. I LOVE grilled asparagus! Roasted a whole garlic bulb on the grill, cut in half, peels and all. And marinated large button mushrooms in soy sauce and white wine, salt and pepper. I washed it all down with a couple hundred ice-cold beers. It was quite the cookout.

Raw Sewage seems a bit of a re-upchuck of the Clone Defects’ quick-punk push. You even mention the Flamin’ Groovies in one of the songs. 1) What’s your favorite Flamin’ Groovies song; and 2) Is it something about the lineup you have in the Organism that facilitates the more stripped-down, less psyched-out songs?

1) I’d have to say “Around the Corner.” But I have a ton of faves by the Flamin’ Groovies. One of my favorite bands!

2) I think so, maybe. When we started, I just wanted to go back to simple but cool, wild, bad-ass rock’n’roll. When Jeff and Colin and I get together, we just joke around, have some beers, have some laughs, and write comedy punk!