Tired Of Cougars? Get Ready For Drougars!


They are the drag version of cougars–in other words, mature drag queens who pounce on younger men.

That’s according to drag performer Gusty Winds, and while we’re at it, I’ve got some other exciting new categories for you!

Bougers. Bears who are cougars

Cugars. Cubs who are cougars

Skougars. Skanks who are cougars

Hougars. Aging hustlers who are cougars

Lougars. Lesbians who are cougars

Bigars. Bisexual cougars

Bogars. Cougar bottoms

Jewgars. Jewish cougars

Poogars. Scat queens who are cougars

Kitschy cougars. Cougars with tacky apartments

Madougar. Madonna