Medical Marijuana: California Weed Regulation Put On Hold


It looks like one legislator’s attempt to reform California’s medical marijuana regulations at the state level has been postponed at least one year.

As our sister paper, the San Francisco Weekly, explains, California’s dispensaries are “currently overseen by only local law, creating a patchwork of sometimes-conflicting, sometimes nonexistent rules across the state.”

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano had thought that a bill establishing statewide rules and bureaucracy would clear up that confusion. But the measure wound up taking on unpopular clauses as it got vetted by legislators.

Though it got the greenlight from the state Assembly, and was up for a Senate vote, medical marijuana opponents had made changes to the proposal, prompting protest from medical marijuana proponents.

So, before that Senate decision, Ammiano recalled the bill earlier this week.

Ammiano plans on introducing a better bill in the next legislative session.

To recap, Ammiano’s proposed law would have: created a “Bureau of Medical Marijuana Enforcement,” required state licensing of dispensary operators, allowed municipalities to tax medical marijuana sales up to 2 percent, and allowed localities to “ban dispensaries outright by a majority vote by its City Council or Board of Supervisors.”

Meanwhile, in the rest of the weed world…

Fort Collins, Colo., will vote on repealing a medical marijuana ban while Denver weighs prohibiting advertising for prescription pot.