Michelle Williams And Sarah Silverman Naked In New Movie


In Take This Waltz, Michelle Williams gives a superb, textured performance as a married woman who’s straying from the comfy confines of her domestic life, with potentially damaging results.

Sarah Silverman is also good as her sister-in-law, an alcoholic who occasionally gets loosened up enough to speak the truth.

And they’re both naked!

There’s a shower scene where they’re in their birthday suits–no body doubles here–
and Sarah looks sweet while Michelle has a lovely triangular crescent on display. (Coming from me, that’s high praise.)

Several of the other women in the scene have fat, lumpy bodies, which might be to make Michelle and Sarah look even better, though I prefer to think it shows the wonderful diversity of female forms.

(Sarah Polley directed.)

By the way, in the same film, Michelle also has a shtupping montage where she’s completely nude.

You gays should see it anyway.