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My Thoughts On New Motown Show Quoted In Daily News


I told you right here about the Broadway show Berry Gordy is planning, featuring his life story interspersed with scads of fabulous Motown hits.

Well, the New York Daily News addressed the show today, and asked me for my input, so I told them I had a cover band for years and am literally obsessed with the music.

And I added:

“As jukebox show after jukebox show came down the turnpike, I kept wondering ‘Where’s the Motown one? The one featuring the shimmery, soulful music of my youth?’

“And now it’s here, It’s the real Dreamgirls, and I couldn’t be happier.

“I just hope Berry Gordy tells the truth about his life story so that the song title ‘Come and Get These Memories’ doesn’t merit a callback of ‘No, thanks’.”

In soul news that’s a little more contemporary, Quincy Jones just gave P. Diddy a lovely dissing.

He said Diddy wouldn’t know a B-flat if it hit him.

Waiting for the inevitable reality show–or jukebox musical–called Q. Versus P.