“Soccer Mom Madame” Anna Gristina’s 9-Year-Old Son Pimpin’ Hard For NBC


The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree at the home of accused “Soccer Mom Madame” Anna Gristina — the accused pimp’s 9-year-old son apparently has caught the pimpin’ bug, and his number one hoe is NBC, which just so happens to have landed an exclusive interview with Gristina.

Gristina was released from jail last night after spending four months at Rikers Island following her chaotic February arrest (home-girl threw a straight-up hissy fit as police yanked her off the street in Midtown). As you can see in the video, Gristina’s 9-year-old son, Nick, is completely decked out in NBC gear — all as NBC was preparing to shoot the exclusive homecoming interview.

“I’m just going to walk around the garden and just feel the grass under my feet, smell the fresh air, and just watch the sun coming up,” Gristina said — while allowing NBC News cameras to exclusively film her return home. “(I want to) see what it’s like to be back home again and let it really settle in that this is home again. I’m back. It’s real.”

A representative from Platform Strategy, the PR firm representing Gristina as she enjoys her 15 minutes, tells the Voice that “[Gristina] was not paid by NBC, no one was. As far as I know, NBC doesn’t pay for interviews.”

So, we asked if perhaps Gristina was compensated in the form of NBC merchandise. We haven’t heard back.

As the saying goes, “pimpin’ ain’t easy” — but it sure is tacky…especially when it involves a 9-year-old.