The ‘Black/Gay’ Divide Continues, as Pro-Gay Marriage Hakeem Jeffries Beats Anti-Gay Charles Barron 3 to 1


Hakeem Jeffries beat Charles Barron nearly three to one yesterday in the Democratic primary for the open Eighth Congressional District seat being vacated by Ed Towns.

We’ve been watching this race closely for a few reasons. First, we couldn’t help it. Living in Fort Greene, we’ve gotten a good 30 direct mail leaflets from Jeffries (sometimes up to five a day of the identical one).

Also, we were curious (as this is also Toure’s district) how the black, pro-gay marriage Jeffries would fare against the black, anti-gay marriage Barron.

Just like Toure predicted Lo and behold, the pro-gay marriage candidate won 72 to 28.

Of course, there were many other issues at play. Jeffries had money behind him (much of it charter school money) and we saw five people leafleting for him outside of Brooklyn Tech to Barron’s zero. But it’s interesting to see the trend continue of black elected officials (and black voters, in the significantly black district) going to office who support same-sex marriage equality.

The 8th CD is heavily Democratic so, baring an act of massive scandal in the next few months, Mr. Jeffries is going to Congress in January 2013.