5 Awful Songs About Noodles — Will Someone Please Write a Good One?


No animals were injured in the making of this video.

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Fork in the Road is on a noodle binge today. Tejal directed our attention to a noodle animation, while I revealed my affection for a cold Korean noodle soup.

Noodles are such a beloved commodity, you’d think someone would write a great song about them. Not so far. Here are a few fails.

Luckily, the words to this song — which reeks of lithium — are nearly unintelligible. While cinnamon and cherry pies are mentioned in the lyrics, the song never quite gets around to noodles.

You’ve got to like this guy — but the song is going nowhere.

Lots of wasted talent here!

This is almost enough to make you hate noodles, and WH is turning over in her grave. Also, could the animation be any crappier?

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