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Kids In New York Could One Day Be Allowed To Apply Their Own Sunscreen (With A Note From Mom). Gasp!


Did you know that kids in New York are only allowed to apply sunscreen to themselves at school if they have a note from their doctor saying it’s OK? We didn’t, but that’s apparently the case — and state Senator Michael Gianaris wants that to change.

Gianaris has proposed a bill that would change current Department of Education policy that prevents kids from applying sunscreen to themselves unless they have a note from a doctor. Under his proposal, a note from a parent also would make it OK.

The Food and Drug Administration considers sunscreen to be an over-the-counter drug, so most states — with the exception of California — have banned children from applying the “drug” while at school, which, obviously, is beyond idiotic (it’s fucking sunscreen).

Gianaris’ bill is in response to two girls in Washington State who
suffered sunburns so bad that they needed to be hospitalized. The girls
— Violet and Zoe Michener — were told by school officials that they
couldn’t use sunscreen while on a field trip.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Gianaris tells the Daily News. “The government is always
warning people not to go outside without sunscreen yet our schools are
telling kids they can’t use it.”

The Department of Education also is planning to review the idiotic
policy and could potentially make a change before the start of the next
school year.

This year’s legislative session has come to an end, but Gianaris
suspects legislators will hold another session before the year is out.
His hope is that his bill is passed then so kids can avoid getting
cooked before next year.

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