Like Bacon? Like Sushi? Now You Can Have Both at the Same Time


Yup, that’s strips of smoked breakfast bacon stuck right in the middle of those maki rolls.

It seems bacon has penetrated every lost galaxy of the dining firmament. Heck, you can get a peanut butter and bacon sandwich nearly everywhere, bacon is de rigueur on your burger, you can buy a men’s tie in the shape of a strip of bacon, or save your computer shit on a thumb drive that looks like bacon. Even pork belly — bacon’s more naturalistic step sibling — can’t light a candle to bacon. You can find more than one local festival devoted exclusively to bacon, and you don’t have to bar hop too long to find bacon cocktails, and bacon-flavor whiskey. There are even bacon desserts, and a famous burger chain is offering a bacon sundae, though I’m not sure which one…And now one more bastion is falling to bacon.

But what blew my mind recently, baconwise, was encountering nori rolls at a Korean sushi stall that contained bacon, good smoky bacon. The tiny streps held sway with a clove of pickled brown garlic, which contrasted with the saltiness of the bacon.

They’re not as good as they look, but at $2.50 per roll, you can afford to check it out.

As you can see from the chalkboard, the Koreans play fast and loose with Japanese maki traditions, often with good effect. And in contrast to Korean finger sushi, which tends to be bigger than usual, the maki rolls are decidedly miniature, using laver slightly coarser, meaning the whole thing is chewier. Which is good, right?

Cut-price combos of rolls also available

Boon Sik Zip
Food Gallery 32
11 West 32nd Street