NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Mushrooms to Other Police Agencies


It looks like we haven’t heard the last of the ticket fixing scandal that roiled the ranks of the NYPD. The Albany Times-Union reports that more than a dozen state troopers and officers in at least six other police departments are also under investigation “on charges ranging from misconduct to tampering with records.”

The mushrooming scandal began in October following a years-long probe by Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson, which irritated the union that represents police officers. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly went so far as to order internal affairs to monitor traffic court to make sure cops weren’t tanking tickets.

Steven Reed, a spokesman for Johnson, said investigators found questionable conduct by other cops but “nothing of what we encountered rose to the level of alleged misconduct for which NYPD officers have been indicted here in the Bronx.”

“We have had conversations with the Offices of at least five District Attorneys and two United States Attorneys about our findings,” Reed added.

Meanwhile, a state police spokesman confirmed there was an investigation into ticket fixing in that agency. A treasurer and delegate in the state police union recently retired. The Times-Union quotes an anonymous state police official saying his departure was related to the probe.