Trying To Beat the Heat? Check Out Korean Naeng Myun


The soup resembles a miniature floating garden.

At Fork in the Road during the last heat spell, we were ransacking our brains to figure out what’s the best kind of food for hot weather — and here we mean sweatingly, swelteringly hot, as it’s going to be today. Our most recent stumble-on is a Korean cold summer soup loaded with buckwheat noodles transliterated naeng myun or naeng myon, found at the New World Mall in Flushing.

Stall #25 serves up an amazing and filling version of the soup. The broth is something like sweet tea, the noodles made of buckwheat and so slippery that you’ll have some difficulty (or fun) eating them.

And floating around in the mix are seemingly random islands of solidity: half a boiled egg, a slice of tomato, a wad of kimchee, slivers of cuke, a compressed cut of beef luxuriantly veined with fat and tendon, a slice of Asian pear, a marble of hot pepper paste, and sprinkle of sesame seeds.

The soup is delicious. The soup is cooling. The soup is light and will not leave your lips greasy.

The cooling and slippery noodles

Stall #25
New World Mall Food Court
4021 Main Street
Flushing, Queens