What’s With People Who Add “The” In Front Of Everything?


You know, the type that, in all seriousness, will ask you:

“Have you seen that show The Spider-Man?”

Or “Do you watch The Glee?

And “How do you get tickets to The Evita?”

“How about The Once and The Newsies?”

“But what I really want to see is The Wicked.”

“Do you like the Rihanna?”

“How about the One Direction?”

The Dark Shadows looks interesting.”

“Much better than The What To Expect When You’re Expecting, right?”

“Do you read The Newsweek?”

It’s enough to made you the crazy.

And if there’s already a “the” there, they’ll just add another one.

“I simply loved The The Help!”

Actually, I’ve never met anyone who says any of these things, but somehow I can just imagine it–especially outside the New York!