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When A Laughing Audience Member Competes With The Show


The other night, I saw the energetically comic musical Triassic Parq, which didn’t need any help from the lady next to me.

And yet, she laughed her head off, making a big show of how much fun she was having.

She laughed at every single joke, just to prove to the entire house that she got it.

She laughed before the jokes to show us she was gonna get it.

She laughed as they talked, she laughed as they sang, she laughed as they stood there.

She laughed at the end of lines that weren’t even supposed to be funny, just to show that she enjoyed them anyway.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

He he he he he he he.

Guffaw, chortle, scream, guffaw, chortle, louder scream.

She laughed and laughed and laughed, sometimes just to remind you that she was still alive and breathing.

And then she’d wait three seconds just to throw you off, then laugh some more.

It was all about her showing so much support for the show that she was threatening to subvert it and sometimes even drown it out with her overly effusive displays of enthusiasm.

She laughed so much, in fact, that I hardly laughed at all, mainly because I felt she was laughing for me.

Someone should start thinking of ways to get this woman to the Republican convention.