An Open Letter To The Logo Channel


Says the author:

“You never catered to the LGBT community in the past very well, but now you seem to have abandoned them altogether, with the exception of your Drag Race fans.

“Your latest offering, In The Big House, looks to be another travesty.

“And while you are touting this as the ‘real life’ Modern Family, the truth is, this is…a bunch of straight mobsters who happen to clash with another gay stereotype.”

And that’s just the opening of the letter!

It goes on to elaborate the disappointment some gays have felt with the channel, which the author says presents a limited view of the community sans truly exploring or daring, topic-wise.

And he also gives some suggestions for shows Logo should do, adding, “Perhaps the answer is finding an element in the gay community that doesn’t present us as a ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ Video.”

I agree with some of his points, though the whole “gays shouldn’t have to camp it up in drag” tone is a little uncomfortable; drag queens are always sent to the back of the bus by the community itself, even when they’re the ones driving it.

But I think the guy is probably OK with the drag stuff, he just feels there should also be some LGBTs on the channel that aren’t necessarily larger than life.

Whatever Logo does, they should quickly try to cash in on the good will many gays are feeling over the cancellation of The A-List: New York.