CBGB Reborn, Sort Of: Here Is A Picture Of Its Georgia Stand-In


Next week, the CBGB Festival will take over a bunch of clubs around New York City in an effort to honor the legacy of the onetime Bowery staple, but right now in Savannah, Georgia, a movie about the club’s history is being filmed. Starring Alan Rickman as CBGB impresario Hilly Krystal and his Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint as Cheetah Chrome, as well as a bunch of other boldfaced names (Donal Logue!), the movie is slated to open next year. The bulk of the filming will apparently be done on a soundstage, but the movie’s production people recreated the club’s grimy exterior, awning and all, in the city’s downtown. Can 2012 Georgia look as gritty as pre-Bowery-gentrification New York City? Find out below.


Convincing enough to inspire a mass exodus of people sickened by the invasion of John Varvatos and Andre Balazs? We’ll see!

Thanks to EV Grieve for the location heads-up, and to Dylan Wilson for the snap. If you want to see how the transplanted artifacts from the club are looking in the space that’s serving as the movie’s set, or how Rickman looks as Hilly Krystal, the Savannah Morning News is all over those developments, as are local Twitter-enabled residents.