Healthcare Ruling: Will It Help The Prez Or Rally The Rabid Republican Base


Remember in 2010 when Republicans picked up 63 seats in the House of Representatives in the biggest loss for a party (in this case, the Democratic Party) in the House since 1938? And how the huge loss can be partially attributed to right-wing outrage over President Obama’s healthcare plan? Well, the prez’s healthcare plan was only working its way through the courts back in 2010 — and if you thought GOPers were pissed off then, wait until you see them now that this thing’s the law.

Without arguing the merits of the ruling (that’s a whole other conversation), it’s pretty clear that it will impact the upcoming presidential election. But how?

The ruling, obviously, is a victory for the president — it at least gives the impression that he did something in the four years he was in the White House other than tell Leon Panetta to kill Osama bin Laden. On the other hand, though, nothing has pissed off the rabid, radical right-wingers — who already are out en masse rockin’ their (ahem) charming (?) colonial “Tea Party” outfits — more than Barack Obama’s plan to reform healthcare.

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney already has said he will do whatever he can to repeal Obamacare, should he win the White House in November, which is a talking point you can expect to hear every five seconds from now until election day — and the same far-right-wingers who showed up to boot House Democrats out of office two years ago are gonna eat it right up.

Will it be enough to prevent four more years of Obama? Seems like a pretty good possibility, in our humble opinion.

We want to know what you think, though — the healthcare ruling: will it help the prez, or rally the rabid Republican base enough to give Obama the boot.