Medical Marijuana: No More Prescription Pot in Malibu?


Medical marijuana is soon to be no more in Malibu, Calif.

Federal law enforcement authorities’ continued pressure on dispensaries has already prompted one of the town’s prescription pot shop to close. The city’s second store will shutter July 1, according to media reports.

Recall, also, that the feds recently threatened to take property from three Sante Fe Springs landlords if they didn’t give pot shops the boot, notes. They also sent similar warning letters to 34 potpreneurs and property owners in Los Angeles County.

Today’s news also comes shortly after San Leandro, Calif., banned dispensaries and cultivation ops for a year.

That city’s decision came largely because of continued confusion over the intersection of state and federal law — medical marijuana is legal in California, but still considered an illicit substance on the federal level.

In addition to property forfeiture, the U.S. Department of Justice, backed by President Barack Obama, has also started targeting these businesses’ bank accounts.